Sunday, May 30, 2010


Today, four young men are embarking on their final week at Northwest Passage II. But this won't be just another week - they will be navigating the rapids and soaking in the beauty of the wild Flambeau River for their wilderness "Venture," our program's capstone experience. Their departure is truly bittersweet for the "In a New Light" project. While we are thrilled to see them moving on to new and hopeful futures, we will greatly miss their photography. This was the first group to participate in "In a New Light" for the full 90 days of their time at NWP, and they set an astonishingly high standard for photographic skill and creativity. Below are photos taken within the last week by each of the departing participicants, accompanied by thoughts about their photos. We wish you guys all the best!

To me, this photo, called "The Arguing Bird," shows that red-winged black bird has anger problems like me. The geese think the black bird is mean and don’t want any problems so they swim away. -Trevor, age 15.

I had had a rough day the day before, and was taking a little time for myself. I was walking on a rock bed close to the bank of the river, and I saw a clam shell gleaming under the water. It was bright and shining and… just out there! I had the water proof camera, so I went after it and took some shots. When the light reflected off the bottom and made the patterns I couldn’t help myself. I focus a lot on details, so when I see webs of light reflecting off the bed of a river, how could I stop myself from getting this shot?! I call it "Ripple Shell." -Aarin, age 16

I call this photo "Rush." I saw the water rushing over rocks in the river and decided to slow my shutter speed to see how a photo would turn out. When I look at this picture I feel a rush of excitement--it was so beautiful and looks exhilarating! -Devin, age 15

I call this picture "Nothing Yet Everything." We saw this baby deer alone in the trees. I see this picture and I see something that has no family, that has nothing. But yet, he has everything. He has life, he has freedom, and he has time. -Nick, age 14

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