Friday, July 9, 2010

Becoming Artists

The group of five young men who joined our program about 40 days ago (Jordan, Kayden, Dakota, Logan, and Cody) are quickly approaching the half-way point in their journeys as photographers.  By now, they have learned the fundamentals of operating the equipment, and are just beginning to to master the process of translating those technical skills into artistic expression.  If past groups are an accurate indicator, we will now begin to see stunning artistic growth as each learns to percieve his camera not just as a collection of buttons and lenses, but as a powerful emotional conduit.  Enjoy this group's selection of photos below.

     "Orange Bug" by Logan, age 12.

"Lonely Lily" by Kayden, age 13. 

"Painted Turtle" by Jordan, age 17

"Green Life" by Dakota, age 14

"Taking Flight" by Cody, age 15

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