Friday, July 30, 2010

Elusive Quarry

Badgers are mysterious.  Despite their ubiquitous presence in Wisconsin sports culture, these shy creatures are rarely seen in the wild.  For this reason, wild badgers seem to carry with them an almost mythical aura shared by the likes of wolves and mountain lions.  And a badger's paradoxical personality of extreme shyness and extreme ferocity helps add to the mythology.  This week, we broke through the myth.  On an excursion to the Dry Landing area of the Upper St. Croix, we got a fleeting glimpse of a badger as it ventured out of it's burrow to check us out.  Thanks to a steady hand and quick trigger finger, Jordan was able to capture a photo.  It was a thrilling experience for everyone.  Below are also some other photos from this week. 

-Ben Thwaits, project leader

"When I first saw the badger, I was amazed and very excited.  Once I captured the photo, I started to think of how much it's like me.  It spends most of its time burrowed in its hole hiding from the world.  But now I am feeling more like an eagle, spreading my wings and soaring to new heights to find a better life." -Jordan, age 17.

"This photo really gets to me because of my struggles with addiction.  The only way to explain it is that it shows me a different kind of life--a life where creatures live free and how happy life can really be if you want it to be.  This eagle and other creatures out there have to survive death and life, and they have to protect themselves and who they love,  just like us people of the world have to do." Photo called "Lifting Off" by Cody, age 16

"Underwater Mystery" by Logan, age 12.  The photo was taken with a half-submerged underwater camera.

"River over Rocks" by Kayden, age 14.  Kayden is starting to master artistic blur effects using slow shutter speeds.

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  1. Awesome picture, Kayden. Way to go!