Monday, August 30, 2010

Busily at Work

Although it's been a few weeks since the last blog post, the cameras have been busily at work.  In the meantime, we have started preparations for a large photography exhibit that will be installed at the NPS St. Croix Falls visitor center on September 24.  Be sure to stop by!  The exhibit will later travel to Wausau, Madison, Cable, and Spooner. Stay tuned for details. 

We extend a special thanks to craftsman Steven Zimmerman of Duluth, who just put the finishing touches on handmade oak frames in which the photos will be displayed.  Each frame is a work of art in itself.

In a couple weeks, we'll be heading to Black Iris Gallery in Spooner for a day of matting and framing our photos under the instruction of professional framer JoAnn Martin.  We'll post photos from our day at the gallery.

In the midst of all the exhibit planning, we are still finding time to seek refuge in the peaceful comfort of the Riverway, cameras in hand.  Below are a few photos from the last couple weeks.

-Ben Thwaits, Project Leader

"This photo made me have a whole new perspective on this creature.  I would have normally thought it's just a silly frog.  But if you really look at it, and feel it looking back at you, it's a beautiful creature." Photo called "A New Perspective" by Cody, age 16. 

  "I like this picture because it's in really good focus, and I remember having to sneak up on it step by step to get really close."  Photo called "Butterfly in the Leaves" by Jordan, age 17.

"This picture is half scary and half beautiful at the same time."  Photo called "Snake on the Shore" by Logan, age 12

"These flowers are nice.  They stick out like myself.  And they're small, but they have a lot of potential." Photo called "Potential" by Chris, age 15.

"I like this picture because it looks like this toad is playing hide and seek."  Photo called "Hiding Toad" by Kayden, age 14

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